Getting paid to have a massage at work?!?!?

I got to work today and was promptly asked whether I wanted to be put on the massage list. Well no question there, of course!! I’d heard before (and seen) that every other Wednesday, one of the codirector’s wives comes to give FFL employees massages. Amazing!! This is the ULTIMATE job perk – we even get paid! I wasn’t expecting to get on the list this soon in the game, because some of my fellow cashiers had said they had had to wait a long time before they got their first massage.

Throughout the day, I mostly forgot about it, but when I was on my lunch break outside I saw the massage chair set up in the distance. The weather was perfect – warm and sunny. Towards the end of my shift, I was told it was my turn for my massage, so I trekked outside across the parking lot to the greenery. The massage was so relaxing, and it was just the thing to loosen me up after the day of work. We chatted a bit, one of those people who you can tell immediately is so genuine and caring.

Talk about watching out for your employee’s well being!! I almost can’t believe it.



Today’s (or I guess now yesterday’s) enjoyment highlight was being able to go for a run after a 4 day hiatus. I was getting antsy and grumpy, so I knew I couldn’t let the sniffles hold me back any longer!
It started out rough, and I had a moment thinking “why did I think this was a good idea???”…but once I warmed up with the help of my EMPOWER playlist (Katy perry roar, lady gaga and Tegan and Sara are currently tops on the list), I got into the rhythm and arrived home feeling tired and relaxed, yet invigorated!
Running is amazing because I know it will always (except for in some low points) make me feel relaxed and more in my body. Today wasn’t a particularly meditative run, more just experiencing the run itself and trying not to get hit by bikers on the hectic MSU campus!
It was exactly what I needed and I have a renewed sense of dedication to this practice as part of my well being maintenance!

Getting into the rhythm

Today another week started, though my weeks kind of all blend into one since I often work weekends. Still, there is something about a new week starting, looking forward to the next weekend to come. Maybe it’s a way for us all to mark the passage of time.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened – I thankfully a) heard my alarm this morning and b) knew I had to work, so no more embarrassing work moments there. Other than knowing about where all of the products are and what each one’s benefits are, I feel like I pretty much have the hang of things. It was kind of boring at the end of the shift though, and I left feeling somewhat drained. I haven’t been exercising as much as I usually do since I’m still trying to get over a persistent cold, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold off any longer. Not exercising makes me feel sluggish and slow, and everything seems unappetizing.

But anyway, that’s neither here nor there…it was one of those days when you keep waiting for something to spark. Still, it didn’t get away without a couple good things. First of all, right when I got to work, one of my fellow cashiers told me my hair looked very curly and pretty – which I totally wasn’t expecting and was very genuine!

Also, it was sunny enough and warm enough to take my lunch break outside, which always makes me feel way better than when I stay inside. I had wanted to take Ginger for a walk right when I got home, but my mom already had, so I had to wait until later in the evening, when the sun was setting and night was falling. At first I was a bit chilly, but once I got into the flow of the walk, it was a nice invigorating sort of cool, and the neighbor hood was calm, with other people out walking, running or walking their dogs, and the sounds of late summer in the background. It was good to get some fresh air!

Tomorrow I look forward to a run and hopefully a skype chat with Xavier!

Being late to work is forgivable!!

Well, today I was almost an hour and a half late to work…I know, crazy right?! This is the 2nd time I’ve been late in 2 weeks (though the first time I was only a half hour late because I didn’t hear my alarm. Today it was just because I legit thought I had the whole weekend off, so I didn’t even bother checking the schedule to be sure!
The second I saw I was getting a call from Foods for Living, I knew something was up, so I immediately checked the schedule and low and behold, it was 1pm and I was scheduled to work at noon. Eeeek!!!!!
This is honestly not like me – I’ve never been more than like 10 minutes late to work EVER! I was profusely apologetic but I still feel bad about it, like I’m leaving a bad impression.
But amazingly, no one was even angry – they said it was fine, it happens, the schedule is confusing….really something I’ve never experienced with such sincerity. So while I still kind of have my tail between my legs, I SO appreciate how they deal with these types of situations. And I hope this is the last time it happens!

Enjoying work and relaxation

Yesterday was the first day I haven’t written since starting my blog – I was too busy working! I worked all day at Chapelure, where I’m a barista, and then in the evening at Foods for Living. I worked a total of at least 10.5 hours, so I was quite tired by the end of the day.
But I’d say it was a momentous day because I genuinely felt happy to be at work, and also that I could express this through genuine positivity and good mood to the customers. The weather was good, it was Friday…at both places I can see outside so I was still able to enjoy the weather while at work. I felt energetic and energized by being around people. I also felt like I wasn’t trying to be someone else to impress people but that I was just being myself, and in general, being well received (while realizing not everyone will be enamored).
I also was REALLY looking forward to my first weekend off in a while. So today, after all the hard work I’ve been putting in recently, I can really enjoy relaxing!! I stayed in bed until almost two today, mostly because I could, falling in and out of sleep and just enjoying being in BED. Then I showered and had a leisurely “breakfast” of fruit and coffee, lazed around reading, and then went apple picking with the fam, which is something I’ve always missed when I was away I’m France. And the weather is still perfect fall weather!
I’m sure the rest if the day is going to be equally restorative because we’re going to walk Ginger, have dinner (who knows what we’ll scrounge up) and then maybe watch a movie. All in all a typical weekend, but I’m so happy to be reveling in it, and look forward to more tomorrow!!!

Finding enjoyment in fall

Today was a really fun day because one of my best friends Claire came into town from Kalamazoo! It was the perfect fall day – not too hot, not too cold, not a cloud in the sky but a nice breeze…idyllic!!
We want to Uncle John’s Cider Mill, where the atmosphere was very fall-like and buoyant. We made a beeline to the fresh doughnuts (I got pumpkin and cinnamon sugar and she got buttermilk and cider) and fresh cold cider, which we enjoyed outside in the sun. The view was over hills and fields of corn and apple trees.
We then did a (free!) cider and wine tasting, which was delish :), and walked down to one of the orchards and back, then sat on a porch in the shade talking and people watching.
We always have great chats and it was amazing to see her because the last time was I really don’t even know when – maybe march or April?!
It was refreshing, and I had a renewed appreciation in fall.

Good weather is amaaaaazing!

Today, the impending cold of fall was put on hold, as the sun came and it reached (gasp!) almost 70 degrees! Sunny and warm, AND I was able to enjoy it from the windows at work. But the best part was taking my “lunch” break outside around 3. It was warm, enough to want to roll up my sleeves, but not enough to make me break out in a sweat, a slight breeze…I just ate and enjoyed my leftover burrito and salad.

The best part about my lunch break is that it’s MANDATORY. In other words, the schedule is made each day, and everyone is scheduled a break, during which time they aren’t scheduled anywhere else, and there are only specific tasks that can carried out. Everyone takes a lunch break. Everyone knows and respects how important it is to take breaks from work. I’ve never worked in an environment like this – there always was pressure to just work through lunch (which never really works because you aren’t productive and you don’t really enjoy your lunch or give your brain a break), and since I can be a bit of a workaholic, I’m glad that I’m forced to take a break. I’m practicing making the most of my break to restore myself and go back to work refreshed and energized. And I find it helps me feel less tired at the end of the day!