Days off

Today is one of my precious days off, and I’m definitely savoring it! I slept in and went for a run in the chilly but sunny weather, which was invigorating. Since then, I’ve just been hanging out – drinking delicious espresso (the only ACTUAL espresso I’ve been able to find around here), reading the newspaper, […]


All in all, today was a hohum day. Nothing bad happened, but nothing was markedly good either. As the day went on, I was tired and had a persistent headache. So. The highlight of my day was lounging on the couch reading after dinner, and will also be going to bed early!!!

Double shift

Today was pretty good considering that I work a 12 hour day – 8 1/2 hours at Chapelure and 3 1/2 hours at Foods for Living. At times it seemed to drag on endlessly, but switching environments definitely helps. I also made almost $40 in tips at Chapelure, which is more than I’ve ever made […]