Good balancing the bad

The past few days have been somewhat disheartening, in large part due to some rude customers cropping up at both of my jobs. Rude customers have a way of making you feel attacked, like an object of service rather than a person.
While these interactions tend to leave me deflated, I have to put it into perspective. Think how many neutral, and better yet positive, interactions I have with customers that leave me sometimes on a high of goodwill throughout the day. Still, sometimes I need a reminder that there are good and generous people out there.
Tonight at Chapelure, a customer came in with three young boys, maybe children or grandchildren, and ended up buying a cake and tipping me and the girl I was working with $20!!!!!!! It was funny because this guy didn’t seem overtly nice or generous or just plain wealthy. He just seemed like the average customer, yet he obviously had a big heart.
When he handed the signed receipt to me he said “We’re just trying to make people happy today!”
We were both so shocked that we didn’t really know what to say! I just hope we were able to express our appreciation adequately. It had been just what we needed at the time, having both been frustrated by rude people.
Even though painful or emotional situations can be easy to blow out of proportion and dwell on, this made me realize how much more good things tend to happen than bad.


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