Feel the (lack of) power!!!!

Today, something interesting actually happened!!! Randomly at Foods for Living, the power went out for about an hour, which is disastrous for a food establishment with deli and frozen sections. ALL STOPPED! No one really knew what was the problem, but we came to find out that the entire mile stretch of stores was having power problems – but sporadic pockets seemed to escape it.

I kind of hate to say a potentially disastrous problem was exciting, but indeed it was! A couple of the cash registers still worked so we were able to check out some of the customers, and we used an old school credit card slider for a few orders too. It was the same kind of excitement that comes with an unexpected fire drill in the dorms back in college. Mystery! Intrigue! Break from routine! Everyone jokingly said it was the apocalypse – ironically it was a beautiful day and not the ominous atmosphere always depicted in the movies. But it did make me realize how dependent we are on our electricity and our power grid. I hope it is all watched veeeeery closely!!!!

The fact that we all mobilized to prepare for the worst was heartwarming, and the teamwork was great. I also was praised for my hard work several times throughout the day. And, the good news is, the power came back on quickly and nothing was lost in the process. I even got to eat my lunch outside on a beautiful and unseasonably warm fall day!


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