The eye of the beholder

I haven’t written in a couple if days, because life has been busy, with work and my sister visiting for the weekend. It also seems like life is just the daily grind and nothing too interesting is going on. It would be easy to complain, but I’m coming to learn that sometimes life is just like that. The number one purpose of the blog is to help myself appreciate my own life. So I’ll try not to worry that it’s too dull for others and that there’s something here to connect to at least sometimes.
One thing that happened since I last wrote is that I invented a new hairstyle for myself that makes me feel pretty, daring and elegant. It’s nothing too special to the hair pros I’m sure but it just makes me happy! I’ve even had several compliments in it as a bonus.
Secondly, the weather this weekend has been gorgeous for fall in Michigan – 60s-70s, sunny. Leaves changing…a perfect weekend for MSUs homecoming! For once it wasn’t a trial to watch the parade! It also was really nice to have my sister visiting, she always livens things up!
What small things help you appreciate your life, even if they may seem inconsequential to others?


One thought on “The eye of the beholder

  1. doing laundry for some reason! stopping in at Foods for Living – for sure. Also the awesome help at the MSU bike store.

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