Meeting new people

The highlight (and main event!) of this weekend was the visit of the wife and daughter of one of my dad’s old grad students from back in the ’80s. They are French Canadian so they are bilingual but we spoke English because of my mom and because their English was very good. I was a bit wary at first because who knows what the dynamic will be like if you haven’t ever met the people, but it ended up going really well.
We made a nice dinner (I made a chocolate cake with coconut frosting!), and the conversation was lively. I learned some interesting things about my parents. The daughter is my age, and she was really nice too – it’s somewhat validating when you meet other people going through the same things you are – doing a masters, thinking of doing PhD but expensive and not sure of subject and potential marketability in the job market after, difficulty finding work… Yet to me she seemed grown up, and I wondered whether I appeared the same way to her. Anyway, I was happy it went well, I think they enjoyed themselves.
Another highlight of my weekend was talking to Xavier- we are in a really good place right now but I miss him a lot and really look forward to out “time together” on Skype!
And now a new week begins…


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