On getting a really good deal and then realizing that life is that and so much more.

Today, one of my goals was to go shopping to buy a perfume I’ve been trying to get for a while without success. There was a big sale at Younkers, and my mom and I had coupons that we got for donating things to Goodwill. So I went there fully expecting to get in and get out with my perfume, but ended up with a pair of boots, a new Younkers card, a new lipstick that I’d tried to get before but they were out of (they just got more yesterday!) and a sweet gift bag – I opened the card to get an additional 20% off the 15% from Goodwill. It felt like Christmas, and I’d made out like a bandit.

Then, I got home from work and was perusing the new blog posts from the blogs I follow. I came upon two different ones, one asking the question “why be healthy?” and the other an interview with a girl who started a suicide prevention movement (You Can NOT Be Replaced). They both got me thinking about valuing and enjoying life. It was interesting to think of health as an unachievable goal that doesn’t necessarily determine our longevity – so stressing to live the healthiest life you can, at the expense of your happiness, isn’t what life is about. Instead, we would be happier putting more of our energy living more consciously. And also, on the other end of the spectrum, why people end their lives, and how we can prevent this by focusing on the uniqueness of each individual and what only they can give to the world.

I must say, I felt immediately ashamed that the “highlight” of my day was some trivial sale. But then, it occurred to me that while yes, that was materialistic, it also wasn’t overly extravagant, and it was just such good luck that it had to be enjoyed! And enjoyment is what living is about. Ultimately, the positive things I experience will range from inconsequential to life changing.

So today, I’m glad to have had a moment of consumeristic bliss as well as a reminder that ultimately, life is to be LIVED and each one of us is a nugget of delicious life living a unique experience. Talk about putting things into perspective.


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