Getting paid to have a massage at work?!?!?

I got to work today and was promptly asked whether I wanted to be put on the massage list. Well no question there, of course!! I’d heard before (and seen) that every other Wednesday, one of the codirector’s wives comes to give FFL employees massages. Amazing!! This is the ULTIMATE job perk – we even get paid! I wasn’t expecting to get on the list this soon in the game, because some of my fellow cashiers had said they had had to wait a long time before they got their first massage.

Throughout the day, I mostly forgot about it, but when I was on my lunch break outside I saw the massage chair set up in the distance. The weather was perfect – warm and sunny. Towards the end of my shift, I was told it was my turn for my massage, so I trekked outside across the parking lot to the greenery. The massage was so relaxing, and it was just the thing to loosen me up after the day of work. We chatted a bit, one of those people who you can tell immediately is so genuine and caring.

Talk about watching out for your employee’s well being!! I almost can’t believe it.

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