Today’s (or I guess now yesterday’s) enjoyment highlight was being able to go for a run after a 4 day hiatus. I was getting antsy and grumpy, so I knew I couldn’t let the sniffles hold me back any longer!
It started out rough, and I had a moment thinking “why did I think this was a good idea???”…but once I warmed up with the help of my EMPOWER playlist (Katy perry roar, lady gaga and Tegan and Sara are currently tops on the list), I got into the rhythm and arrived home feeling tired and relaxed, yet invigorated!
Running is amazing because I know it will always (except for in some low points) make me feel relaxed and more in my body. Today wasn’t a particularly meditative run, more just experiencing the run itself and trying not to get hit by bikers on the hectic MSU campus!
It was exactly what I needed and I have a renewed sense of dedication to this practice as part of my well being maintenance!

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