Being late to work is forgivable!!

Well, today I was almost an hour and a half late to work…I know, crazy right?! This is the 2nd time I’ve been late in 2 weeks (though the first time I was only a half hour late because I didn’t hear my alarm. Today it was just because I legit thought I had the whole weekend off, so I didn’t even bother checking the schedule to be sure!
The second I saw I was getting a call from Foods for Living, I knew something was up, so I immediately checked the schedule and low and behold, it was 1pm and I was scheduled to work at noon. Eeeek!!!!!
This is honestly not like me – I’ve never been more than like 10 minutes late to work EVER! I was profusely apologetic but I still feel bad about it, like I’m leaving a bad impression.
But amazingly, no one was even angry – they said it was fine, it happens, the schedule is confusing….really something I’ve never experienced with such sincerity. So while I still kind of have my tail between my legs, I SO appreciate how they deal with these types of situations. And I hope this is the last time it happens!

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