Enjoying work and relaxation

Yesterday was the first day I haven’t written since starting my blog – I was too busy working! I worked all day at Chapelure, where I’m a barista, and then in the evening at Foods for Living. I worked a total of at least 10.5 hours, so I was quite tired by the end of the day.
But I’d say it was a momentous day because I genuinely felt happy to be at work, and also that I could express this through genuine positivity and good mood to the customers. The weather was good, it was Friday…at both places I can see outside so I was still able to enjoy the weather while at work. I felt energetic and energized by being around people. I also felt like I wasn’t trying to be someone else to impress people but that I was just being myself, and in general, being well received (while realizing not everyone will be enamored).
I also was REALLY looking forward to my first weekend off in a while. So today, after all the hard work I’ve been putting in recently, I can really enjoy relaxing!! I stayed in bed until almost two today, mostly because I could, falling in and out of sleep and just enjoying being in BED. Then I showered and had a leisurely “breakfast” of fruit and coffee, lazed around reading, and then went apple picking with the fam, which is something I’ve always missed when I was away I’m France. And the weather is still perfect fall weather!
I’m sure the rest if the day is going to be equally restorative because we’re going to walk Ginger, have dinner (who knows what we’ll scrounge up) and then maybe watch a movie. All in all a typical weekend, but I’m so happy to be reveling in it, and look forward to more tomorrow!!!

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