Finding enjoyment in fall

Today was a really fun day because one of my best friends Claire came into town from Kalamazoo! It was the perfect fall day – not too hot, not too cold, not a cloud in the sky but a nice breeze…idyllic!!
We want to Uncle John’s Cider Mill, where the atmosphere was very fall-like and buoyant. We made a beeline to the fresh doughnuts (I got pumpkin and cinnamon sugar and she got buttermilk and cider) and fresh cold cider, which we enjoyed outside in the sun. The view was over hills and fields of corn and apple trees.
We then did a (free!) cider and wine tasting, which was delish :), and walked down to one of the orchards and back, then sat on a porch in the shade talking and people watching.
We always have great chats and it was amazing to see her because the last time was I really don’t even know when – maybe march or April?!
It was refreshing, and I had a renewed appreciation in fall.

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