West Side Story, anyone??

The best thing that happened today is that there was this guy who came in repeatedly to Foods for Living around noon to buy things – first breakfast, then bottles of water, then…I don’t know, maybe granola or something? Each time it was like two or three things. But anyway, after like the 4th time of checking out, on his way out, he was like, “Have you ever seen the movie West Side Story?” and I was like, “Yeah, I think so…” “You know, Maria, you look like her, Natalie Wood!”….and I said something like oh yeah haha…while trying to picture what exactly Natalie Wood looks like in that movie. Random!

Anyway, I call it the best thing because it was a nice compliment from a random, albeit elderly and scruffy, person. And it seemed genuine. It’s just funny considering the whole recent thyroid problem speculation by multiple people because of my “large eyes” – I go home and tell my parents and they’re like, “well Natalie Wood did have big eyes!”

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