Not so rosy

Today has not been the greatest day. I was able to sleep in, which was nice, and I wasn’t woken up by bad dreams like I have been lately. But then I was running a bit late to work, having milked the sleeping in longer that was wise, and when I got there, a manager found me at my locker and was like, “oh, you’re here! I thought you weren’t coming, actually this shift starts at 12 and not 12:30, it’s wrong on the schedule.” Not in a bad way, but I was already stressed and that made me feel worse…

Also it was busy and I still felt out of it because of my cold, which, among other things, was plugging my ears. Then I just got tired of being at work, had a headache…I’m sure you all know the feeling!

BUT then one of the customers who I’m getting to know came in, and we had a really nice, if brief, conversation about life decisions etc. She’s someone who I immediately felt a good vibe from, she’s just so friendly and yet seems so thoughtful too.

I kept wondering what I was going to have to say was my good thing today. I knew a day like this would come. Not every day can be awesome! And yet, now I Ann learning to look for the good, even among a largely ho hum / blah day. I’m not sugar coating my life, but I can learn to appreciate even the small good things that happen.

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