Even a bad start can end ok

This morning, I had to work at 8am, and I’ve been subsequently developing a worse and worse cold since a few days ago. So after I got home from work last night I took a Nyquil. Bad idea!!! I slept through my alarm and thankfully woke up at 8:15. There is nothing like the panic you feel when you’ve overslept. Also, since I’m pretty new there, I really didn’t want to make a bad impression. But, I got ready at lightning speed – I was probably out the door in like 7 minutes flat after throwing on some clothes, brushing my teeth, and grabbing some breakfast. I called work on my way to tell them I was sorry and I was on my way and I felt so bad!!! And he was totally cool about it. It was like nothing bad had even happened. When I got there I said again how sorry I was, and he said it was fine, he was glad I even came, because otherwise the person who comes in at 9 has to do everything. So I was really thankful how understanding he was, and I didn’t feel horrible all day about it. I’m so glad, this place is so great!!!

Work wasn’t that great since I was sick, but the day went by quickly since I was mainly on register and it was pretty busy. But more good news when I got home! I found out that my health insurance is going to reimburse me for some services that I really had actually lost hope that they were going to cover, so that was amazing!!

Basically, even though it wasn’t the best day ever, I was surprised and grateful for all of the good things that happened. I wish I could offer deeper thoughts on this, but frankly my head feels like a balloon!!!!

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