Learning to expect good things

So I knew the day would come when I didn’t feel as if anything good would happen, and today was kind of that day. I woke up (after a not so restful sleep) feeling under the weather with a cold that continued to get worse as the day went on. Also, the day was grey and rainy, which is never fun, especially as an introduction to fall weather…I did some errands with my mom, but nothing really notable happened for most of the day.

I had to work in the evening and I have to say I really didn’t feel like going, but at the same time, I said to myself, I hope that I’m “floating” (going around organizing the store, helping customers, etc.) for the first hour and then at register for the two last hours. And that’s what I got! So that ended up being good.

Also, the people there are great – the manager on duty is really nice, and he gave me a free bar of chocolate because it was broken in half! Dark chocolate with flecks of candied ginger. Yum!!!

And finally, I JUST booked a tentative but almost for sure flight to visit Xavier for Christmas, so now I can start getting really excited!!!

In other words, today was a good example of a day where before I may have just thought it was a bad day – but my searching for good things that were happening, I was able to look at the day in a better light and realize that good things actually were happening!

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