Being Appreciated

Well, lots of good things are still happening at work! I forgot to mention two other good things about yesterday – one was that one of my managers approached me twice to tell me how grateful he was that I was working, that it was really a big help and that I’m a key part of the team now. What’s great about this appreciation (other than that it is always nice to appreciated for one’s work) is that it was totally unexpected, that I wasn’t going out of my way to impress anyone. All I was doing was doing my best and working hard, not stressing and tearing my hair out in order to “look good.”

This is the first time I’ve actually thought making mistakes on the job (or anywhere, in fact) was helpful, and also actually encouraged. Whenever I make a mistake, no one freaks out, they just calmly explain how to fix it, reassure me it’s not a big deal, and say something to the effect that the best way to learn is by doing. The best part is, they’re sincere about it!

So, it’s especially heart warming to be acknowledged for doing a good job when I’m working to do my best, and also feel like I’m free to be myself. I’ve never felt so relaxed while on the job.

Another thing that happened was that a customer said I had stunning eyes – this is again another instance where I wasn’t doing anything in particular to impress other than being myself – I actually just looked up at her to give her the receipt, and she said it in almost an awed kind of way. I felt it was really kind of her to say that, especially since my doctor just recently said it’s possible I may have thyroid problems because my eyes are so big, hahaha!!

Another great thing is all the free stuff we get at work. For example, we can eat the chocolates on display at the register if their foil wrapper has a gap in it, because it’s against health code to sell it. And it’s not shitty tasteless milk “chocolate” but actually really good dark chocolate with decadent and delicious fillings! They also get sent a lot of free samples of stuff from companies trying to get them to sell their products. Today, I landed a whole bag of golden flax + wildberry mix, which is sweet!! I know, it’s kind of dorky, but I love it!!

On another note, I’m looking forward to talking to Xavier, my bf, tomorrow, because we’re planning a time for me to visit him in France around Christmas/New Year’s! I’m so excited already….

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