Today is another small pleasure! I just started working a 2nd job at a health food store that I LOVE, and I’ve been working officially for almost two weeks now. I’m a cashier, but we also have shifts where we straighten things on the shelves and generally make sure things look good.
Of course, customers always come up with really specific and unique requests. So far, most if the time I have to go ask a manager for help when this happens, but today I was straightening and just looking at all the products, and I saw next to liquid aminos (like soy sauce) they also had coconut aminos which I’ve never seen before, so I was kind if like, huh, that’s interesting, and went about my business.
About 20 minutes later, a lady came up to me and asked if we had them!!! It was so crazy, and I felt super awesome 🙂 so I guess I am learning the ropes slowly by slowly!

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