Small pleasures

After some thought, I decided that something good about yesterday was that once I got out of work at 6, the weather had gotten nicer – blue sky, still a bit chilly but a nice fall day. So I decided to take my dog for a walk, and it was just really good to get out and breathe the fresh air and clear my head. I had thought about going running, but I nixed that in favor of going for a run today and just taking a relaxed walk yesterday after a long day.

Another good thing is that I had a delicious cashew/coconut/vanilla (vegan!) tart at work, and it was delicious! It was seriously the best tart I’ve ever had – so moist and flavorful, sweet but not too sweet, and just the perfect amount. I savored it for like 30 minutes at least! I love being able to get 25% everything in the store now that I work there because everything is so good!!!

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