Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

I read today’s daily prompt just after I woke up this morning, before jumping in the shower. It asks what sense you would give up if you had to, and which one you would choose to be really sensitive to. It gave me something interesting to think about!

What I first did to decide which one I would eliminate, I used the process of elimination – which senses are most important to me? I definitely didn’t want to give up sight or sound, because those enable the most communication and would be the most difficult to live without. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to give up my sense of taste, because I love to savor what I eat, enjoy discovering new flavors and sharing meals with others. So that left touch and smell. At first, I thought it would be beneficial to keep my sense of smell, because smell is partly what makes taste so enjoyable. But then, that left me with touch, and as I was showering, I had a flash of images of what I would have to give up – feeling hot water in the shower, snuggling into warm fuzzy blankets, immersing my hands in gooey dough, feeling the touch of loved ones…so I realized that I wouldn’t want to give up touch, and would give up smell. Although there are lots of smells that I love, and smells that trigger wonderful memories, I figured food could pretty much do the same thing, and frankly, there are some smells that I wouldn’t mind giving up (like the smell of dumpsters or gas – both kinds 😉 ).

So that left me with the decision of which sense to heighten. I already am pretty sensitive to touch, and I can see well enough, thanks to modern technology! While a heightened hearing could be practical in some ways, I’ve seen the way my dog reacts to some sounds, and I also wouldn’t want to overhear things I really don’t want to know just by accident. Same goes with smell. So that leaves taste! I think it would be awesome to be able to taste everything right down to the depths of it’s flavor. To be one of those people who can actually taste those hints of chocolate in a red wine or discern that certain something in an exotic dish. Even though bad tastes would also be accentuated, I’m hoping I could avoid those pretty easily, since for the most part I control what goes into my mouth!

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